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Bonnie & José - Herinnering (Memory)

The most beautiful ABBA-songs in Dutch | CD+DVD limited edition

Björn Ulvaeus, ABBA:

"I am very happy with this Dutch cover of Bonnie & José. It sounds very nice." 

Image Björn Ulvaeus: screenshot from bonus DVD

Bonnie St. Claire and José Hoebee released the beautiful album 'Herinnering' in 1985 with 12 ABBA songs, in Dutch. Their successful collaboration resulted in hits such as 'Cassandra' and 'Zoals Vrienden Doen (The Way Old Friends Do)'. After 35 years, the album is finally available on CD as a limited edition! The very first edition also includes a bonus DVD with the TV special ‘Bonnie & José in Sweden’.

Bonnie & José did not choose the hits from the rich repertoire of ABBA, but mainly lesser known musical gems from the LPs. Well-known writers gave the ABBA songs beautiful Dutch lyrics. Harry van Hoof took care of the arrangements. Production was in the hands of Will Hoebee and Albert Hol. This CD release also has four bonus tracks, which complete the overview of official Bonnie & José releases.

Bonnie & José recorded a television special in Sweden. In it they visited locations related to ABBA, such as the Polar Studios where the Swedish supergroup recorded many of their hits. In the special, ABBA member Björn Ulveaus tells that he is delighted with the result of Bonnie & José's album. The DVD has three television appearances as a bonus. The videos on the DVD are provided with stereo sound for the first time.

For the 16-page CD booklet, Bonnie & José look back in an exclusive interview on the recording sessions and on this special period in their extensive careers. Stany Van Wymeersch's interview text is framed with beautiful photos by top photographer Govert de Roos.


1. Zoals Vrienden Doen (The Way Old Friends Do)
2. De Flierefluiter (The Piper)
3. Waarom (Move On) met Ron Brandsteder
4. Is ‘t Zo Bedoeld (I Let The Music Speak)
5. Chiquitita
6. Ligt Dat aan Jou Of aan Mij (Why Did It Have To Be Me)
7. Herinnering (Andante, Andante)
8. Zonder Hem (Soldiers)
9. Cassandra
10. Weet Wel Wat je Doet (Lovers)
11. Een Man (One Man, One Woman)
12. Vriendschap (Arrival)

Bonus tracks
13. Hart Voor een Kind (I Have A Dream)
14. Vandaag Of Morgen (The Sun Will Be There Again)
15. De Postkoets
16. ‘n Engel Als Jij (Engel Wie Du)

1. ‘Bonnie & José in Zweden'
2. Chiquitita
3. Björn Ulvaeus (ABBA) about Chiquitita
4. Herinnering (Andante, Andante)
5. Ligt Dat aan Jou Of aan Mij (Why Did It Have To Be Me)
6. Björn Ulvaeus (ABBA) about ABBA covers
7. Zoals Vrienden Doen (The Way Old Friends Do)
8. Björn Ulvaeus (ABBA) about Benny
9. De Flierefluiter (The Piper)

Bonus tracks
10. Cassandra
11. Waarom (Move On) met Ron Brandsteder
12. Hart Voor een Kind (I Have A Dream)

The unsigned CD/DVD ‘Memory (Herinnering)’ costs € 17,49. The CD/DVD signed by Bonnie & José costs € 34,99. Both can be ordered in our webshop, which opens a new tab in your browser.


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